JODOVIT Srl, a company specialized in development, production and marketing of chemical products for foundries and materials for finishing treatment and forming products, bases its processes on technological innovation and on the high quality of its products and services in compliance with environment and the local community, with attention to the health and safety of its employees and collaborators.

JODOVIT Srl is committed to support the vision and mission in compliance with corporate values and pursue the full satisfaction of the needs and expectations of all the parties involved in its activities, through the adoption of a Policy for Quality, Environment and Safety and that is appropriate to the purposes and context in which it operates, constitutes a point of reference for determining its strategic objectives in the short and medium term, respects the mandatory and voluntary requirements applicable and that is aimed at the continuous improvement of its own performance.

In particular, in order to develop an Integrated Management System, JODOVIT Srl is committed to pursue the following strategic objectives:

for Quality

  • develop the ability to monitor its production processes on a daily basis through control systems and internal audit activities, in order to guarantee the satisfaction of the required standards, the satisfaction of the requirements, the repeatability of the processes over time, the best system performance;

  • implement appropriate actions to address risks and opportunities arising from the context in which the Organization operates and by understanding and periodically reviewing the needs and expectations of interested parties relevant to the Quality Management System;

  • invest in the development of new plant solutions and in the improvement of existing ones;

  • promote the continuous improvement of product and process quality standards and the maintenance of the Quality Management System, according to the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard;

  • develop its ability to respond and anticipate the needs and expectations of its customers, managing complaints and proposing initiatives to monitor and increase their degree of satisfaction;

  • respect and apply all mandatory and voluntary applicable laws and regulations relating to the reference sectors and markets of the Organization, with particular attention to the activities to ensure compliance with the requested, and keep constantly updated on the applicable legislation;

  • collaborate with its suppliers to guarantee its customers the best achievable product, promoting the development of their performance by monitoring performance;

  • promote the development of the skills of its human resources through targeted training plans and the definition of specific objectives, consistent with the corporate strategic objectives;

  • proceed in the search for new market sectors, in the development and industrialization of innovative products and for new applications;

  • optimize business costs to ensure an offer that is always competitive with the market;

  • activate communication channels with its customers to facilitate the exchange of information relating to quality requirements, evaluate their satisfaction, activate assistance and manage any complaints.

for Environment

  • comply with the mandatory environmental rules, laws and regulations applicable to the company, as well as the rules that the company has voluntarily decided to sign in the same field;

  • maintain an Environmental Management System in place according to the UNI EN ISO 14001: 2015 standard;

  • ensure the continuous improvement of its environmental performance through the adoption of action programs and control tools on the main environmental aspects of the site;

  • promote dialogue with interested parties to eliminate conflicts or misunderstandings, promoting involvement, participation and awareness on environmental issues;

  • adopt provisions to prevent or eliminate pollution and, if this proves impossible, to minimize the production of polluting emissions / waste and optimize the management of resources, taking into account the possible and best technologies available;

  • improve the control systems for atmospheric emissions, water discharges, noise emissions and any releases into soil and groundwater;

  • subject the procedures in place to continuous audits in order to verify compliance with the requirements prescribed in the Integrated Management System Manual and illustrated in the Procedures and Operating Instructions;

  • promote and implement training / training programs for personnel in order to optimize the growth process of human resources, considered as fundamental resources for improving environmental conditions and increasing awareness in cases of emergency;

  • prepare effective procedures, to prevent environmental accidents, and if they occur, for their correct management in order to minimize damage

for Safety

  • maintain an active Management System compliant with the requirements of the UNI ISO 45001: 2018 standard;

  • ensure safe and healthy workplaces in order to prevent work-related illnesses and injuries;

  • strictly comply with all current legislation in the field of health and safety in the workplace and the requirements of all the interested parties;

  • eliminate, where possible, the dangers and prevent the risks to health and safety in the workplace;

  • ensure the consultation of workers and their active participation in the activities to improve the safety and health of workers and all the interested parties;

  • promote continuous dialogue with interested parties to eliminate conflicts or misunderstandings, promoting the involvement, participation and awareness of workers and suppliers on the issues of health and safety protection;

  • pursue the continuous improvement of the level of health and safety at work through the implementation of improvement activities with general prevention objectives;

  • continually improve the awareness, competence and involvement of personnel with close reference to safety management by affirming the principle that the responsibility of the Management System concerns all employees, each for their own responsibilities and skills;

  • raise awareness and train their employees on safety issues, to allow them to operate with full knowledge of the potential risks associated with work activities;

  • implement adequate control and audit procedures in order to monitor the achievement of health and safety improvement objectives;

  • favor suppliers who act with a view to continuous improvement of safety

JODOVIT Srl undertakes, with this document, to put in place the measures and resources necessary to pursue these principles, in line with the orientation towards continuous improvement of company performance and to keep them efficient over time, periodically reviewing the contents to adapt them to the context in which the organization operates.

Furthermore, JODOVIT Srl, through its Code of Ethics, defines the fundamental principles and rules of conduct for sustainable success, promoting a healthy global economy, respectful of human and labor rights and capable of safeguarding the environment

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