Jodovit is an Italian company that produces chemical auxiliaries for the melting of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.
He is part of an international group called Vdgroup.
Jodovit produces sleeves for foundries, monolithic or sector hot tops for steel plants, refractory coatings, exothermic powders, die-casting lubricants, granulated or powder fluxes and tablets, ecological fiber products.
The experience of Jodovit is based on the technical competence acquired of our collaborators, companies and structures of the Vdgroup group, which since 1958 has allowed us to become today a point of reference for the Italian and European markets.
The main production and research activity is located in the Lonate Pozzolo plant, near the Milan Malpensa international airport.
The company has a total of 25,000 m2 and has recently been renovated according to the most modern criteria of safety, efficiency and respect for the environment.
The activities of Jodovit are oriented to the continuous development of products and services to increase the quality and efficiency of the production processes for the melting of metals.
Close collaboration with customers and valid technical assistance on the main markets of international markets characterize Jodovit.
The activities coordinated with the companies of the Vgroup group of which Jodovit is a part, allow us to guarantee customers specific expertise in the various sectors of activity.
Jodovit is certified ISO 9001: 2015 - ISO 14001: 2015 - EU REGULATION 333/2015


The Jodovit's activities are all oriented to the continuos development of products and services to increase the quality and efficiency of productive processes for metal treatment.

The close collaboration with our customers and an efficient technical assistance on the main markets characterize our company.

The co-ordinate activities with the VD Group companies, in which jodovit is ones, allow to assure to the customers a specific competence in different activities sectors.

high technical efficiency of items

optimization cost-benefit

specific assistance for areas of competence

assistance after-selling

presence on new markets

development of products and specific solutions


Jodovit is since 1958 manufacturer of chemical auxiliares for metal treatment.

The main production activity and research is located in the plant in Lonate Pozzolo, near the international airport of Milan.

The area covers in total 25.000 m2 and has recently been restored according to the more update security standards and enviroment respect.

Jodovit’s productive equipment are mainly exclusive projects.


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